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B&B: a home or a business?

You might assume that logically, a decision is taken by a Government department against well-established criteria as to whether your premises will be classed as a business or a home, and that this would determine what you can do to the premises (planning) as well as how the premises are taxed (council tax or business rates).  

That would indeed be logical and "joined up".  Of course, it doesn't happen.   The first thing to note is that the planning definition of a B&B as opposed to a home, although very broadly similar in principle to the local tax definition, is determined entirely separately and against different criteria and by different people at different times.  
It is possible, if perhaps unlikely, to have a premises classed as a home for tax purposes (thus paying council tax), but classed as a business for planning purposes - or indeed vice versa. 
Needless to say, fire regulations, hygiene and others are all different again and administered separately by different departments.  The whole thing is a minefield, and expecting any connection between all these different branches of Government is the first thing you must give up. 
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