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About Us

The Bed & Breakfast Association is the UK trade association for B&B and guest house owners. It won the Trade Association Forum "Sector Representation Award" in 2010 as the best trade association in Britain at representing its members (out of 313 trade associations across all sectors).

It is a non-profit trade association (without shareholders) which exists to informsupport and represent its members.It is a member organisation of the Tourism Alliance, and of the CBI/Government "Trade Association Forum".The Bed and Breakfast Association is a voluntary trade association with the following objectives:
  1. To represent the interests of members, and to campaign on behalf of those interests (for example, to Government and regulatory bodies);
  2. To provide information and support services to members, to enable them to improve and develop their businesses;
  3. To facilitate and enable the continuous professional development of the independent bed and breakfast sector in the UK, and promote best practice;
  4. To promote to the public the advantages of staying in independent "bed and breakfast" accommodation.The Bed and Breakfast Association defines "bed and breakfasts" as independent, owner-managed establishments not recognized as hotels, and offering overnight accommodation and breakfast on a "per night" basis to paying guests. Our membership includes both B&Bs and Guest Houses.    
Above: the Bed & Breakfast Association was given the award as best trade association in Britain at representing its members by the CBI Trade Association Forum.
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