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Coming Soon - Your new "Member Pages"

Welcome to the new Bed & Breakfast Association member website.

This site is currently in development, and will soon be launched to our members, offering:

  • hugely expanded member content
  • everything from Bed & Breakfast News
  • online expertise for the B&B owner
  • searchable content, easy to find
  • create your own online member profile
  • interact online with other members
  • member discounts, offers and deals
  • user-friendly access (choose your own password)
  • the option to comment online

Bed & Breakfast News

Bed & Breakfast News has long been the only magazine dedicated to the B&B owner.  In March 2011, the magazine became part of the Association, and is now exclusively available to full subscribing members of the Bed & Breakfast Association. 

A subscription to Bed & Breakfast News (previously £35) is now included as just one of the member benefits of the Bed & Breakfast Association.

All the content of each issue of Bed & Breakfast News since March 2011 is available in searchable and easy to read form on this new website.

Hospitality Today magazine

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